We specialize in assisting small design firms in IT planning, maintaining and troubleshooting computer and network problems.

Our Services


Call-in or on-site troubleshooting services.

We are only a phone call away. Most problems can be solved remotely, without even coming on site, but we offer full service, coming to your site whenever it is needed.

GSC has experience with both Mac and PC environments, servers, and most operating systems as well as extensive knowledge of printer, plotters, scanners, etc. Any software bugs, hiccups, errors, etc. we aim to resolve quickly. Whether it is server-based, one local desktop or an intermittent problem, we can be your first call.

  • Thorough knowledge of all contemporary operating systems (Linux, OSX, Windows)
  • Years of hands-on experience with intricate and complicated networking systems
  • Extensive knowledge of hardware and accessories (printers, scanners, etc.)
  • Hands-on and hands-off consulting, for whatever suits your needs


We can provide training at all levels of software and hardware. We can do one on one tutorials, or a small group session on almost any software – from AutoCAD to Eudora email.

Equipment & Assessment

Need new equipment?

We can help specify, purchase and install any equipment, as well as troubleshoot problems with existing hardware. Need to upgrade software? We can help put together various price quotes, to get you the best deal available for your office needs.


Need to look at the long range IT solution? We can review the inventory of your current network and hardware, to determine what you should plan for in the next year, or longer. Budget options and staffing needs are included. We can help you to derive and maintain standards within your office, as to email, software, backup routines, etc. Select and specify memory, drives, software, and peripherals and install as needed.

Proactive maintenance visits and reports

We can provide a program for quarterly site visits to tune up all the office computers Whether it is cleaning up slowness problems, We can make sure it is running at is best efficiency.

IT assessment and report

We can survey network, computers and peripherals in your office, to create an IT assessment report on each computer’s memory, hard disk space, Operating system, software, manufacturer’s warrantee, etc. We may organize and maintain office documentation on software licenses, hardware, configurations, etc.

Networking & Backup

Remote network support

After an initial site visit, GSC is able to help manage your server and/or all your workstations thru a secure remote access channel, without requiring an office visit, to troubleshoot most problems quickly and easily.

Backup Services

GSC can advise and configure a network backup solution to suit your business needs. Whether it is a nightly or weekly backup tape schedule, or even off site storage, GSC can accommodate your procedures.

Network Security

If you need to install a secure firewall, or just keep away viruses, we have many tools to help solve network virus and spyware problems that could render your network down if not managed and removed quickly.

Remote access

If staff need to be able to work from home, we can help provide a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, to allow them to SECURELY log in to the office and work off server based files, as if they were in the office that day.