About Us

Established in 2005, we specialize in assisting small design firms in planning, maintaining and troubleshooting any and all computer and network problems. Mac and PC, servers, laptops and desktops. We provide a practical alternative for the office that does not have full time in house support staff or just need expertise in any one area. House calls or remote support available.

Elizabeth Gould is the President of Gould-Sherwood Consulting.

Beth understands the IT needs of small design firms as she has over ten years of desktop and server computer troubleshooting and network experience.

Beth graduated from Syracuse University with her Bachelors degree in Architecture. She worked in this field for over six years and maintains her registration in Maine. Beth has extensive CAD drafting and computerized rendering experience. Beth attended Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), for a master's degree in Design Studies, specializing in Computer Aided Design.

She then went on to work at both Harvard and Yale University planning departments. She has taught architectural drafting and rendering at Yale University 's School of Architecture. Beginning as helpdesk staff at GSD's Computer Resources department, she became Manager of User Services, Windows Network Administrator, and then Assistant Director in the course of nine years. Beth maintained the Windows server cluster at GSD on a part time basis until 2008.

Beth has obtained A+ certification, attended many Microsoft server courses and is working towards her MSCE. She is a member of a number of small business, computer-related and architectural associations.

Our Team

Tracy Ho

I’ve been at Gould Sherwood Consulting for 3 years making sure everything run smoothly, everything from computer to coffee purchases as well as managing software licenses, purchasing equipment and managing warrantees. I spend my weekends knitting and playing computer games. I like order and can keep your records together. I went to Suffolk Community College on Long Island!

Tim Cahill

I have always loved computers and as a kid circuit boards fascinated me. I have been at Gould Sherwood consulting for 2 ½ years and love solving problems large and small. On the weekend I enjoy relaxing with family and friends.

Sam Gould

I love troubleshooting computer problems. I have been at Gould Sherwood consulting for over 5 years with some breaks to finish my education at University of Maine in Orano. I ride my motorcycles to work during the summer and play disk golf when I can. I’m also a Warhammer and My Little Pony super-fan.

Chris Gould

I have been a consultant for Gould Sherwood for 5 years and now work full time to keep our clients networks secure and up to date. I love to run and have completed 41 marathons. I graduated from University of Maine and worked full time for University of Southern Maine for 20 years until last year when my wife and I relocated in Charlottville VA. I collect great licensees plates mottos and enjoy being in the yard playing with my golden retriever Charley.

Abby Janes

I have worked part time at Gould Sherwood Consulting for the last 4 years as an office assistant. I chase down purchase information, confirm inventory, and fetch and deliver computers for clients. When I’m not driving to hockey, walking the dog or training for a ½ marathon I enjoy my time at Gould Sherwood.

Sakina Atassi

I am the newest member of the Gould Sherwood Consulting office team. I enjoy hiking and biking around Lexington with my family.